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Worldwide Initiative

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The period of Shovavim (שובבי”ם) is a very opportune time for growth in the area of Kedusha.

The Yetzer Hara is working over-time to enslave us in the digital world of temptation. Just as Hashem took us out of the slavery of Mitzrayim, He is here today to help every Jew who wants to be free!

We don’t expect people to be angels but we give it all we can. By taking real steps, we will see progress – guaranteed.

So what’s the deal?


I commit bli neder to the following guidelines, for at least 50 days during the period of Shovavim:

  1. To filter my devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Click here for an easy way to get your device filtered, or visit a local TAG office*.

  2. To consciously guard my eyes to the best of my ability throughout this period. I understand I won’t be perfect, but I will put in real effort each day. (We suggest trying the YESOD challenge).

  3. To read (or watch) – and try to implement – the daily tip. (We will be sending both GYE material and Vayimaen Clips via WhatsApp and Email)**.

  4. Shmirat Habrit. It gets easier the more we hold back!

  5. Optional (but strongly suggested): Sign up for GYE membership to get access to all the tools and support that has helped tens of thousands of Jews of all ages.

* See dropdown on top of the page on the TAG website here.
** If you don’t have WhatsApp or Email access, we will offer a PDF download version of the program.

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Incentives, Events, Prizes. 

Weekly raffle of “CASH FOR SEFARIM” at a bookstore near you:

Week 1 Raffle: $300 Sefarim Gift Card

Week 2 Raffle: $400 Sefarim Gift Card

Week 3 Raffle: $500 Sefarim Gift Card

Week 4 Raffle: $600 Sefarim Gift Card

Week 5 Raffle: $700 Sefarim Gift Card

Week 6 Raffle: $800 Sefarim Gift Card

Week 7 Raffle: $900 Sefarim Gift Card

Week 8 Raffle: $1,000 Sefarim Gift Card

Events for all who join, refreshments, kumzitz, inspiration, presentations… (will be announced during shovavim for all involved).

Culminating in a big event in the American Dream Mall during the Pesach Break. 



  • Mitzvos

  • A good life

  • Parnasa 

  • A healthy marriage

  • Self discipline

  • Happiness