What filter should I get?

Gentech – Recommended by TAG for iPhones, Mac & Chromebook

Phone: 718.436.8324

Hours of Operation
S: 12 PM-8:30 PM
M-T: 6 AM-10 PM
F: 9 AM-12:30 PM

Email: support@gentechsolution.com
Website: www.gentechsolution.com


Techloq – Recommended by TAG for Android & Windows

Phone: 845.237.5501

Hours of Operation
S: 9 AM-5 PM
M-T: 4 AM-5 PM
F: 5 AM-7 AM

Email: support@techloq.com
Website: www.techloq.com


Netfree – Recommended for Windows (for people who need only limited internet access).

Phone: 718.400.8838
Email: info@netfree.link
Website: www.netfree.link